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A conversation with business coach and mentor for women in business...

Zarmeen Affan

A conversation with Sudduf, Business Coach and Mentor for women in business...

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

My name is Sudduf and I’m an entrepreneur, a wife, and a mom. I help Muslim women entrepreneurs work with intention to fulfill their God-given purpose through their business. I run a membership called Intention, where we have over 100 members from all around the world! I meet with them virtually once a week to offer group coaching, content planning, accountability and in general, provide support as they grow their business for the sake of Allah. When I’m not working I’m hanging out with my three 3 year olds or coming up with fun date ideas amidst Covid with my husband!

What led you to the idea of creating a safe space for entrepreneurial women, fuelled by spirituality and purpose?

The best businesses are fuelled by your own personal need and it’s no different in this case.When I was starting my entrepreneurial journey, I learned early on that the most helpful and uplifting part of the journey was speaking to other entrepreneurs who were either very experienced or were also at the same point as me. It was the main thing that kept me going - having people around me who understood me.

What’s a common myth about online coaching and can you debunk it?

That you have to make 6 figures to be successful. You see it everywhere these days and the truth is that many of those folks are in tons of debt or spending all their money to pay for ads or staff. It also gives this false sense that making 6 figures makes you happy. It doesn’t! You need to decide what works for your life - what income goal will help you cover business expenses, pay for what you and your family needs, and then have what you need left over for savings or charity or investments. That number might be $30k. And with $30k you might be more profitable and happy than the 6 figure person.

What’s a great habit you’ve picked up over the years that’s really helped you in this profession?

Tahajjud - this is the time that Muslims all over the world are getting up early to ask Allah for what they really truly want. It is such a blessed time and it’s not quite a regular habit yet, but it’s something I hold on to.

What’s the biggest motivator in your life?

"The idea that we have an after life after this short life in dunya. The concept of Jannah is extremely motivating. Knowing that this (this world) is not “it”. I don’t know how anything can be more motivating than that."

What do you think is the biggest reason people fail or give up?

Not willing to fail and try again. Perseverance is so important to being a successful entrepreneur. Imagine if people gave up after one failed launch, product or business idea. A lot of the amazing things we use today wouldn’t be here.

And if we ultimately break it down - not being able to try again after failure is often just your ego telling you that you can’t do it again. It’s too embarrassing. You’re too proud, etc. This is not to discount financial hardships that can also cause you to not be able to try again.

Do you have a morning routine?

Yes. I wake up before everyone else in the house (usually a little before Fajr) and pray Tahajjud, Fajr and listen to the wird-al-latif. I then have my morning coffee and get right into my work day!

Let’s talk fashion..

What does modesty mean to you?

"Modesty is not just what you wear. It’s in all aspects of life - speech, manners, appearance, interactions, etc. When I think of modesty, I think of my teachers Anse Shehnaz Karim and Anse Tamara Gray. Sure, they dress modestly, but there is modesty in every aspect of their being. For example, when someone compliments their amazing style of teaching or a lesson they just delivered, they always attribute it to their own teacher (who taught them) and ultimately to the Rasool SAW and Allah SWT. You’ll start to notice this with your teachers, too!"

Where can people find you online?

@salamsudduf on IG

Salam Sudduf on Facebook