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The Behzad Collection

Shayma Abdirizak

Who is Behzad?

Kamal Ud-Din Behzad was one of the most famous Persian miniaturist painters during the 15th/16th centuries. His art and reputation as a painter was very prominent. Behzad's art featured the common geometric attributes of Persian paintings, however, he combined this with his unique style of bringing the individuality of character to the forefront of his paintings and inserting vast empty spaces that the subjects of his paintings could be seen dancing around. Behzad’s paintings were beautifully complex but the compositions still maintain a visual fluidity to them creating realistic scenes within the story he paints. 

Behzad’s reputation had worked in favour of him and travelled through to nearby rulers, such as the Mughal emperors, who were willing to pay large sums of money for his paintings, further adding to his fame and legacy. Behzad is regarded as one of the renowned artists in marking the highpoint of the great tradition of Islamic miniature paintings. 

What does the collection include?

The Behzad Collection is a curated collection featuring two Abayas, two Maxi Dresses and two Kimonos. All the pieces have heavy, detailed and elaborate embroidery on the sleeves making this the prime focus of the clothing. In just the embroidery process, it takes six days to complete just one pair of sleeves by hand. 

What parts of Behzad’s work inspired the collection?

For the Behzad Collection, we were inspired by elements of the paintings that heavily feature nature, landscapes as well as compelling patterns. We have copied the detail as closely as possible to give the impression that you are wearing a piece of Behzad’s masterpieces.